My phone rang around ten in the morning about two years ago and received the dreadful diagnose of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The result was to be expected, because my mom has ADHD in a heavy degree.

The doctor also suspected ASS (Autism Spectrum Syndrome) but had to be tested first before that conclusion could be taken. The thought that I could be autistic was scaring me at first.

Because I was in a work-situation where my mind was being exploited, I didn’t want to continue that diagnose. I didn’t want it to be known by my business partner, because such information might not have been used wisely towards my own health.

This was the start of knowing myself better and why I have been so chaotic in my mind at school, stage, work and at my own living quarters. This, was the push to search for more information, more input, more, more! Johnny Five-style!

It also resulted in one of my old blog articles called: “My way of living (with ADHD)“.

Source: This article was part of my private diary. The date of this post has been slightly altered to the future, because the exact date of the phone call is not known anymore.

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