That burning feeling,
I can’t sleep at night,
Looking at the ceiling,
Had a nice future at sight,

Love couldn’t keep us together,
No fighting to survive,
No talking made it wither,
It went dead after being so alive..

I know I’ve hurt the one,
Those blue eyes of you,
That warm only sun,
I am missing those too..

Those miscommunications,
Already for a long while,
It kills entire relations,
Not even a number to dial,

Love is unreachable now,
This was happening,
For months I already saw,
Till the final reckoning,

Do i still love this person,
Yes, I do in full glory,
Even when my heart is ransom,
I am so much sorry,

Sorry for lacking small-talk,
And the lack of social skills,
I miss those walks in the park,
Where hate finally wins..

We were talking about kids,
To live happy together,
To find something which fits,
That makes me even sadder,

Those future plans for us,
We were so connected,
It all so fast defused,
Faults were never corrected,

A battle of love is lost,
Without you by my side,
That hurt is worst,
Makes my heart cringe & hide,

So sorry, for being myself,
For your endless patience,
And keeping you yourself,
Killing this relation..

Now my heart is no more,
It’s uncertainly beating,
You just showed me the door,
With all wrong and rights,

We had a great time together,
Love was truly in the air,
Stress made it only wither,
Now, i stop my heart to dare,

That final whim of your smile,
That touch of your lips,
It took me an entire while,
To see them as lovely tips,

How much you liked to see me,
I was always happy to meet u,
Waiting to meet and see,
The times i said: I love you too!

My heart is broken now,
It’s not meant to be mend,
Can’t put it all on a row,
Do I even miss your scent,

Do I still love you?
Many questions in my head,
Do you still love me too?
That’s making me only sad..

How Do I explain to you,
You were that 1 in my heart,
When can you see that too,
Tried everything to not hurt..

I could write on for ages,
The wish love would take,
No need to read entire pages,
It’s killed for heavens sake..

I wish there were other ways,
To let know my love for you,
The final talk realizes,
Whats left between us too..

I can’t just forget you,
I can’t just close this book,
I hope you know that too,
How love could feel and look..

You are in a damp room,
Walls covered with blood,
You are deep in my heart,
Seeing this, of all it took?

My heart is a mess,
I got to confess,
I did not love you less..

Ending with few sentences,
High not climbable fences,

You only start to miss something when it’s not there anymore.

By Gunther, Autiboi, (c) 2005.

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