This page is a collection of interesting links about autism and comorbidities, which I have been keeping since I received my ASS and ADHD diagnosis. These links are meant purely informative.

Get in touch with autism & co!

Experience it!

Get to know it!

Society & Awareness.

Abuse, Aggression & Misunderstanding:

Personal Stories & Blogs:


Science, Research and Studies…

Genetics, Causes and Psychological Studies:

Medicinal Research:

Books, Movies & Media:



Treatments, Hobbies & Tips…

Artistic & Aspirations:

More Advice?

Possible (Alternative) Treatments:

Products & Processes:

tumblr_inline_ns4m0fsbau1qfxb0n_500Debunking Anti-Vaxxing and Snake-Oil!

Anti-Vaxxers are in my opinion one of the most dangerous people for a healthy society towards their children and everyone around them.

Do not believe too fast, in what is spread through the internet! Your lives can depend on it! Be SMART!

Dutch Links (Nederlandse Links)


 Unsorted/Various Links


Unsorted, Informative, Not Verified, …

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