There I was, standing perplexed and silent at the AH cashier with four bottles of milk. Just standing there, while my mind was entirely frozen, as I tried (like usually) to focus upon one sound and one task at the same time. This all started when a very loud alarm system went off at another cashier.

It took about 2 minutes before I noticed that it was already my turn and asked the cashier immediately for some patience, because my focus was entirely gone while that alarm was taking over my brains. She thankfully totally understood, because this alarm noise was annoying her out as well.

That focus did not work at all anymore as the alarm system penetrated deeply into my brain. All those sounds dominated me simultaneously; the cashier registers, ATM machines, money falling, yelling people, moving crates, crying kids, crackling bags, ringing phones, falling bottle, stumbling people, opening doors, barking dog and all people running and talking around me..

Weird, how such sensory overload can escalate (and eliminate) so badly, just like a snowball, towards the extend of total and imminent stress with a total overload of input and output.

zkboi[Solution Strategy]

  • Problem: Sensory Overload.
  • Solutions: Ask for a moment, run away, go back in store.
  • Decision: Asking for patience at cashier – worked out great!

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