This solution was already a few times under discussions by my previous two psychiatrists, to help me finding some structure back, but tried to push away this medicine for as long as I could, because of the bad experiences with Rilatine and Concerta around my 23 years old. Because of a huge structural needs, it was time to try this again…

The side effects 16 years ago..

  • I was too assertive with decisions, instead of the usual solutions, there seemed mostly only one road to a solution;
  • My artistic capacity was under fire. I could not drawn rounds anymore, everything had to be straight. My music had to have order, instead of that touch of inspirational creativity. My websites have to be structured. Suddenly, EVERYTHING had to be structured, including my creative abilities;
  • My thinking strategies were instead of “multiple branches” only “one way”;
  • I was very tired every evening

Back then I needed to take it at around 08-10h and around 16-18h, but as soon as my productivity increased, I was forced to handle more work, which was making me more tired than I was before.

What about now?

Now, I am trying it again and till now, I have had quite good effects. I have tried different strategies in taking the medicine which were every time for Rilatine 20mg MR around 10-12am and 10mg Rilatine with I needed to continue my productivity, 6-8 hours later.

The MR means “Modified Release”, which will give the dose over a period of 6-8 hours, instead of immediately.

Rilatine – 16 years later ..

I must be very honest that the results have surprised me amazingly. I have done more in my house than I have been able to do in the last 3-4 years! That says a lot. Although, I felt the after-effects mostly after the medicine starts to work out, ending up in fatigue, it did do it’s job putting my mind that sharp, that I was no longer a chicken without head, running around the house trying to sort something out …

First week ..

  • dosing: take one, skip one, that for an entire week.
  • result: I felt like a jo-jo with my mood-swings, even worse than a high-pregnant woman without sweets available!

Second week ..

  • dosing: 6 days on the week.
  • result: too tiring and I was continuously too sharp and assertive, on everything!

Third week ..

  • 4 days on the week, the remaining 3 days none and rest.
  • result: quite productive within boundaries! I have been able to create this blog.

It’s all about dosage

It seems all to be about dosage and amount of days. Currently I only use it whenever I need to be highly productive, because the price is quite steep for adults in Belgium. Before 17yo, it is almost for free, after 17yo an ADHD fairy comes to heal us all, of our ADHD treats, according our healthcare system, costing for adults up to fifty euros for about two months.

But it works for now, so I am glad I have found *something* which can help me, whenever I am in need of fast structural duties. My creativity seems not to be that affected as sixteen years ago, which is a rather good thing and it helps me to sleep better at night if I had a productive day …

One side-effect …

The only huge side-effect I have encountered over four weeks of trying, is that my time perception seems to be even more off-track, but productivity went more on-track. For as long as I take enough time in-between to relax, this might help me a lot, in regaining my structure and confidence back…

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