After waiting for a few years, I am finally invited at the Kinsbergen Orientation Center (CoS) at 13:00, for the in-take procedure and was received at the most courteous and relaxed manner. The first talk was very informative towards my girlfriend and me.

This was the moment where I could throw everything out, and let them know I think I am becoming crazy, because I cannot focus, I cannot find structure, I got no time-knowledge, I got anxieties, frustrations, why I was loosing my mind and so much more …

Questions were asked specifically about my problems and development in the past & present, my needs and cares. In this evaluation Kinsbergen created a base for a multidisciplinary diagnoses towards Autism or any other mental disorders.

The diagnoses involves four people in the process:

  • The doctor doing a clinical neurological examination, asking questions about the development and behavior at relation partner and/or parents;
  • The psychologist examines the IQ/EQ and behavior;
  • The physio-therapist examining motoric skills;
  • The speech-therapist examining communication, speech and development of language.

A lot got discussed about how everything will be planned, who or what to bring with me, informative questions were answered and they took the time into the most relaxed fashion.

I felt confident these people were going to give clarity with my life and daily issues. I can’t hardly wait for the next appointment to happen, hopefully to give me clarity of how my own brain works.

They asked if my girlfriend could come the next meeting.

Source: This article was part of my private diary.

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