Since I moved away from my other apartment, I have been unable to find any good way of structure with only two rooms. My previous apartment had several split rooms, making it easier to divide paperwork and tasks. My structural needs are becoming bigger than ever.

At my previous apartment my rooms were color-coded with LED lightning. As soon as I needed to find something, I put the light on red color at all rooms and change the rooms I have searched through to a green color.

This system did not work in my new apartment, because it’s two joining rooms. A main living room with kitchen combined and a sleeping room.I had to find something else, but could not find a solution immediately.

Because of the lack of structure, I went into a deep pit of despair. I couldn’t follow-up my own paperwork anymore. I lost it completely. I thought I was becoming crazy.

At that moment my psychologist made contact with Kinsbergen, the autism diagnostic center to make an appointment. It was about time to go do that diagnose and try to find out what is going on with me, and, to prove myself I was not becoming crazy.

I have been waiting way too long to get this diagnose, because I could not individually support myself anymore, mainly because of the combination of stress and most likely  the ADHD and autism.

Source: This article was part of my private diary.

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