Today, I had an appointment on time and had to use the public transportation. Because the public transportation became so crowdy, it is almost impossible to arrive at location without frustrations, a fit and/or a meltdown first.

Mostly I walk through the city, especially for that reason, because most of people don’t bother to move away from the entrance doors, leaving lots of empty space at the seating areas and too overcrowded spots at the doors.

Today I arrived late again, because I ran away from the tram.

People were so ignorant and egocentric with “their” bolted-to-the-floor positions. When asking to move a little bit towards the hallway, I was pushed out the door by one of those idiots with the words “go nag elsewhere”, while they of’course already had their spot. I didn’t even want to wait for the next tram.

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zkboi[Solution Strategy]

  • Problem: Sensory Overload, Overcrowded, Frustrations, Meltdown.
  • Communication: Asked nicely to move a bit towards the hallways.
  • Reaction: Pushed out of the door, with a very nasty comment.
  • Solutions: Push travelers in, Wait for next tram, Walk.
  • Decision: I went by walking, VERY angry! (scale 5/5)

This article was part of my diary @ Facebook.

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